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Spotlight Series: Swati Marda

Meet Swati – a Salesforce System Architect from Slalom! She has an IT background and has been a friend of Ladies Be Architects since we began. We were thrilled when she agreed to share her story.

“Hey! I am Swati Marda, living currently in San Francisco with my husband. My favorite TV show is ‘The Office’, not sure how many times I have seen it now. I love dancing (Bollywood & Hip-hop) and a big foodie!”

Tell us how you got into working with Salesforce

“I joined Salesforce as a fresher straight out of college and wasn’t sure it was a right path for me, which was obviously proved wrong later 🙂 Started as a developer and gradually moved on to playing architect roles. “

What was your background before Salesforce came along?

“I was a bachelors in Information Technology”

How did you hear about ladies Be Architects?

“I found you online when I was searching for support on certifications.”

What feelings did Ladies Be Architects inspire within you?

“Being a woman, this group driven by women was the first thing which attracted me. As I saw the community growing and how the new members were supported for any initiative they wanted to drive, was really inspiring. What I love most is how real the people are in this community and how they do not shy away from admitting that they too are on the learning path”

Tell us why the architect journey is important to you...

“I have developed a deep passion for design and architecture problems, and like to build the most optimized and scalable solutions which might include Salesforce and other external systems. Again, I am still learning :)”

Any tips and advice for anybody who is looking to further their career as a Salesforce architect?a

“Go hands-on, As much as studying and preparation can help, solving the problems yourself is the best way to learn. If you are not getting the opportunities at work, pick up scenarios or problems shared on the community, solve them and then verify what your strengths are and which areas you could learn more.”

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