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About Us

Building confidence for all aspiring Salesforce architects

Our mission is to support the career and skills growth of the Salesforce community as together we become advanced practitioners of Salesforce, whilst promoting diversity and inclusion, inspiring under-represented groups and building confidence and self-belief.

Our Story

Ladies Be Architects was founded in November 2017 by Gemma Blezard, whilst on her own #JourneyToCTA. Her dream is to create a global community of technical professionals who use, implement and build applications on the Salesforce platform.


Today, we try to meet our mission and Gemma's dream by:

Creating study resources to support those aspiring to complete Salesforce’s more advanced certifications

Growing the Salesforce architect workforce to match an increasing market demand

Creating a supportive learning environment across timezones and international borders

Inspiring confidence for all community members who would otherwise not undertake this development path

Encouraging others to develop their careers to become Salesforce architects

Making the career path to Salesforce architect more accessible

Meet The Team

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