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Study Groups

Ladies Be Architects has been running and recording study groups focusing on all of the certifications in the Salesforce architect pyramid. We've grouped our recordings into categories for you below so you can look through our archives for useful study content. Just click on the badge of the certification you want to see content for. 

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to hear about upcoming study sessions so you can register and attend!


Certified Technical Architect


Application Architect


System Architect


Platform Developer 1

Sharing and Visibility Architect.png

Sharing and Visibility Architect


Platform App Builder

Heroku Architect.png

Heroku Architect

ID and Access Mgmt Architect.png

Identity and Access Management Architect

Dev Lifecycle and Deploy Architect.png

Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect

Data Architect.png

Data Architect

Integration Architect.png

Integration Architect

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