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Spotlight Series: Courtney Van Rosendale's scholarship success story

Courtney Van Rosendale's story is one of resilience, determination, and success. Originally hailing from the Austin, TX area, Courtney's academic journey led her to Texas A&M University for Mechanical Engineering and later to the University of Texas for her MBA.

Her initial career was in the oil & gas industry, where she gained extensive experience as a Facility Engineer, managing the installation of pipelines worldwide. However, life's changing tides, including family growth and her husband's educational pursuits, prompted a significant career shift to the IT sector in 2019.

This transition marked Courtney's entry into the world of Salesforce, initially through ServiceNow CRM and later embracing Salesforce for its vibrant community. Her drive to enhance her skills saw her engaging with RAD Women to improve her developer abilities, highlighting her dedication to continuous learning.

Courtney’s challenge

Courtney faced a significant challenge when she was laid off from her consulting role during her maternity leave. With four young children and a husband still in college, the need for a flexible, remote job became imperative.

Achieving her first architect certification with Ladies Be Architects’ scholarship program

The launch of the Ladies Be Architects scholarships program came as a beacon of hope during this tumultuous time in Courtney’s career. Aimed at removing financial barriers for women and nonbinary individuals in the Salesforce architecture field, Ladies Be Architects’ scholarship program goals resonate with stories like Courtney's — stories of aspiring architects facing hurdles due to challenging circumstances.

Courtney's perseverance and the support from the Ladies Be Architects scholarships program and community led her to achieve her first architect certification: Sharing & Visibility Architect. This milestone is not just a testament to her technical skills but also a symbol of overcoming adversity and moving forward with courage and determination.

The resources and study groups provided by Ladies Be Architects, such as recordings focusing on various Salesforce certifications and additional resources for Salesforce architect journey, also played a pivotal role in her success.

What’s next for Courtney?

Courtney came to Ladies Be Architects prepared with a clearly defined roadmap for her certification and career goals in 2024. Courtney’s current focus is achieving the Salesforce Application Architect certification, aligning with her broader objective of mastering various aspects of the Salesforce platform, enhancing her ability to design robust applications that meet business requirements.

Courtney is also committed to giving back to the community, evident by her application and subsequent selection as a mentor to other Ladies Be Architects scholars. Her journey and achievements will undoubtedly inspire and guide others in their own Salesforce journeys.

Courtney's story is an inspiration to many, demonstrating that with the right support and dedication, it is possible to overcome challenges and achieve professional growth. Her journey from the oil fields to the Salesforce cloud is a testament to her resilience, ambition, and drive, and a reminder of the empowering community that Ladies Be Architects represents.

Interested in applying for a Ladies Be Architects scholarship?

We're in the planning stages for our next window of applications now! Watch this space, and follow us on LinkedIn and X to be notified when the next scholarship application window opens.

As always, we have huge gratitude for our sponsors that make our scholarship program possible.

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