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Spotlight Series: Ladies Be Inspired by Doina Popa and Debra Marant

On 20th March we were very proud to host Debra Maranta from Salesforce and Doina Popa, one of the first female Certified Technical Architects (CTAs) in EMEA – for an inspiring #Ohana webinar. We had all sorts of people join – even Gemma’s daughter Mollie came along to take part!

To our excitement, Debra announced that Salesforce will be introducing CTA preparation workshops for candidates facing the review board. She also shared her insights on the direction of the architect programme, and her excitement that we’re working so hard to help each other succeed.

We then moved over to Doina, who told us about her experiences with taking the review board exam and the doors that have been opened for her career since she became a CTA.

You can watch the recording here – we promise you it’s worth it!

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