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Spotlight Series: Jonathan Fox

Jonathan is Royal Military Police veteran turned Salesforce Developer. He is a Vetforce graduate, Leeds UK Trailblazer Community Group Leader, Lightning Champion, Ally and father. Jonathan is now on the Journey to CTA and recently shared his story with Ladies Be Architects. Here it is!

“Hi! My name is Jonathan Fox, I’m 24 from a small town in West Yorkshire called Pontefract. Just before my 18th Birthday I joined the British Army whereby I made it to the rank of Corporal in the Royal Military Police, serving until April 2019. I chose to leave the British Army to enable myself more time to be at home to see my little baby, Evelyn, grow up. I am the Leeds Trailblazer Community group leader, I have a Staffordshire bull terrier and my hobby is Rugby Union.”

Tell us how you got into working with Salesforce

“The British Army’s policy is that you have to give a one year notice so In that time, in the first four months, I self taught HTML, CSS, JS and SQL.

Four months in, talking to my brother-in-law, lead to conversations about what he did. He now works for Capgemini as a Technical Architect and he showed me Trailhead. I quickly familiarised myself with the community, joined Vetforce and studied the path to gain ADM201.”

How did you hear about Ladies Be Architects?

“Once I gained ADM201, Art of Cloud kindly offered me a position as a developer whereby Michael has taught me how to become stronger in Apex, Visualforce and all round Salesforce Developing leading to me passing App Builder and Platform Dev 1.

Ladies be architects has been a group who’s name has floated around the community a lot, especially when Vetforce took me to DF19. This prompted me to do more research into what they were all about.”

What feelings did Ladies Be Architects inspire within you?

“I am a huge advocate for equality and a massive aim to support those with mental health challenges as well as inner confidence challenges there for this statement: ’sorry gentlemen, we would like women to run the sessions (to inspire confidence), but you’re most welcome to join us for the calls. We greatly value all of our allies and what they do to support us. ‘ rang a massive inspiring point in my mind.”

Tell us why the architect journey is important to you...

“I chase a challenge, I want to grown and constantly develop myself. CTA is the ultimate goal and challenge to me, and it accomplished by those who are experts at what they do. I aspire to be that and then be able to share that knowledge with those who wish to follow.”

Any tips or advice for anybody who is looking to further their career as a Salesforce architect?

“My advice, take the plunge, its tough to start with but it is well worth the wait and effort. Never be afraid to ask for help.”

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