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Spotlight Series: Aldo Fernandez

Aldo is a Software Engineer and Platform Architect; he’s been doing Salesforce development, consulting and architecting in the Platform since 2008. Aldo lives in Montevideo, Uruguay where he works remotely from a home office and travels a lot (more than he’d like) to NYC to visit customers onsite.

What’s your favourite book / TV show / film? Tell us about a hidden talent or hobby

I used to read a lot sci-fi classics, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001 Space Odyssey are my favorites. In the same line, it’s always a perfect time to revisit Kubrick’s filmography collection. BBQ and Futbol are more than hobbies.

Tell us how you heard about Ladies Be Architects?

The first time I heard about LBA was on Twitter thru Charly Prinsloo. She tweeted a blurry (and dark) video on how to prepare the artifacts and diagrams for the review board scenario and then we started the conversation, which naturally led me to LBA group.

What feelings did Ladies Be Architects inspire within you?

How many times did we hear “the gap between the review board and the designer certifications is huge”? Well, that’s true and there’s a valid reason for that. It doesn’t matter how smart you are or how fast you can learn/digest a manual or paper. At the end of the day you need to have experience and knowledge. In my case, it’s really hard to do it alone but it’s easier if there are others chasing the same goal as you. The organization and collaboration of the group are impressive.

Tell us why the CTA journey is important to you – what force drove you towards achieving so many certs?

I consider the CTA one of the most challenging credentials in the whole industry. From an Engineering point of view, the beauty and complexity of the Salesforce platform are obvious. Having a certification that consolidates all aspects of it it’s a huge motivation for anyone’s career.

What’s the next step for you on your Journey to CTA?

I belong to the “Old Journey” of the CTA program, and I’m preparing for the review board. So glad to see that there are many others in the same situation. One big benefit of the “New Journey” is that all knowledge areas are separated by the Designer Exams which allows me to take them as individual units to avoid rustiness and get latest updates. Yes, things change and evolve with each release.

How can men help women to achieve success in the architect programme?

In any aspect of your life when you have a project or a challenge, sometimes you feel that you have the skills to achieve it, sometimes you don’t. These days, acquiring those skills is not a problem. There are tons of different resources and services that can provide the knowledge needed to succeed in the architect program.

But it’s only your determination and your mindset that will define your journey. That’s the kind of support everyone needs to bring to others: encourage determination, enhance empathy, promote rich and honest conversations, realize that we know nothing and there’s always something new to learn. Maybe we can succeed together.

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