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Preparing for the Review Board

If you’re thinking about going for the Certified Technical Architect review board, it’s easy to think it’s just another exam. It isn’t. It’s a journey of self development – highly challenging and needing a lot of practice. Charly and I have been going through this process for several months and have found that having a mentor and practicing through regular mock exams have been incredibly helpful. Add this to the new CTA-601 workshops that Salesforce runs and you have a great way to prepare.

What makes the CTA review board so effective is the growth you experience whilst preparing for it. If you are lucky enough to find a mentor who is either a CTA or a highly experienced technical architect at your workplace, tap them up!

For those who aren’t so fortunate in that regard, we have a couple of suggestions that can help you.

Flow Republic

Our friends at Flow Republic offer a fully structured coaching programme and have a 100% success rate for CTA, by providing a coach, mock exams, readiness checks and dress rehearsals. Well worth considering!

Journey to CTA

Charly and I put our heads together to come up with an “ideal” route that your Journey to CTA could follow:

Complete your architect certifications (even the optional ones). This will make you eligible for the review board, since you will have your….

  1. …Domain Architect certs

  2. Log a case with Salesforce Certification (click Guided Help and complete the form to register your interest in the review board)

  3. You will be contacted by Salesforce for a chat about your plan to ramp up.

  4. In the meantime, check out the exam guide

  5. Sign up for a CTA Coaching course with Flow Republic and go through all the motions (100% pass rate!)….and/or attend Salesforce’s CTA-601 architect workshops

  6. Check in on your progress with Salesforce

  7. Join a Ladies Be Architects Mock Review Board study group

  8. Contact Salesforce to agree a target date for the review board

  9. Register your interest for our CTA Mentorship Match-Up (COMING SOON!)

  10. We’ll match you up for 3 months’ mentoring with a CTA to help you practise and to prepare you for the big day

  11. Good luck for your first attempt at the Review Board!

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