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Study Group 24: Platform App Builder Study Session 1: Fundamentals - Data

With Vickie Jeffery and Adrienne Cutcliffe

Happy New Year from Ladies Be Architects! For our first session back in the new year, Vickie Jeffery and Adrienne Cutcliffe are going back-to-basics to deliver us some fantastic Platform App Builder Content. Session 1 of this series covered off on part one of Salesforce Fundamentals & Data Modeling and Management on the platform.

Congratulations to all our certified ladies – quite a few Application Architects in there this time. Keep going – and make sure you share your cert passes with us HERE so we can track your achievements.

You can also find a copy of the slides here, and as promised, here are some great blogs we would recommend to further your studies (in addition to Ladies Be Architects of course! 😉 ):


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