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Spotlight Series: Vincent Finet

Vincent is a Program Architect at Salesforce, based in Paris, France. Funny, intelligent and charming, he’s a dear friend to the European Salesforce community and a keen supporter of Ladies Be Architects.

What’s your favorite book / TV show/film? Tell us about a hidden talent or hobby

“My favorite books are the ones I read in an instant like the Millenium suite, Steve Jobs’ biography from Walter Isaacson, or 11/22/63 from Stephen King. My favorite TV show is (from very far) the Monty Python’s Flying Circus. I like drawing a lot and playing piano my own way as I define myself as a very creative person.”

Tell us how you heard about Ladies Be Architects?

“While preparing my Salesforce Architect certifications, I got indirectly in contact with Gemma via LinkedIn and Twitter.”

What feelings did Ladies Be Architects inspire within you?

“Most of the time, you feel alone preparing the CTA. Having a group of people having the same goal is awesome, and it gives you perspective on where to go next. Moreover, sometimes you need to learn about subjects you don’t have much experience yet — with no idea where to start. LBA’s videos are here to guide you and give you the big picture.”

Tell us why the Certified Technical Architect journey is important to you - what force drove you towards achieving so many certifications?

“CTA is the Salesforce Holy Grail. My first “Salesforce mentor” was a very inspirational colleague back in 2014. She forced me, pushed me and convinced me to be successful at my job in a way I never imagine I could be. At that time, she was preparing the CTA and I thought I could never be at her level, ever. After she got it, she told me it was my turn! It took me a while to start preparing it for real.”

What's the next step for you on your Journey to CTA?

“Prepare the CTA board for this year…”

How can men help women and people of other gender identities to achieve success in the architect program?

“Men should not hesitate to share their knowledge, as well as their ignorance, with women. Also, give and receive feedback with no bias. By doing so, we will gain self-confidence together as architects, whatever our gender.”

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