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Spotlight Series: Susannah St-Germain

Meet Susannah Kate, one of our newest members. She lives just outside of Boston, MA and has been Salesforcing for about 7 years. Susannah started out as an “accidental admin”, working for a non-profit and now works as an architect at Boston Scientific – a large international medical device company. She is one of the 3 Salesforce architects in the company… and the only woman! As a Colombian-American, she’s also an advocate for getting more Latinos involved in technology.

I have a dog named Parker. I’m a super fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Joss Whedon version) and Veronica Mars. In my spare time I try to travel as much as possible (my most recent trip was to Kenya for a safari) and love that my job gives me the flexibility and financial security to see the world!

How did you hear about us?

“I heard about you when someone reposted in the WWDUG (Women Who Dev User Group community about one of your webinars.”

What feelings did Ladies Be Architects inspire within you?

“Up until recently I wanted to be more active in the salesforce community but didn’t quite know how/hadn’t found the right tribe. But since at the time I found the group I was interviewing for SFDC architect roles, I instantly connected with LBA.”

Tell us why the Journey to CTA is important to you...

“Journey to CTA is important to me because I’m a full time Salesforce Architect, and I know that CTA will help me be better at my current job and more marketable in the future. But, more importantly, Journey to CTA is important to me because (as of last Dreamforce) there are only 10 female CTAs in the world. IN THE WORLD.

“When I heard that statistic I knew I was sold on becoming a CTA. I want to be a trailblazer for other women and people of color, and also, personally, I want to join the ranks of those elite women.”

What’s your favourite thing about Ladies Be Architects?

“My favorite part about LBA is the content. Not only does the group provide great content, but it also has really lit a fire for Salesforce to provide more resources for CTA learning.”

What are you planning to do next?

“At TrailheaDX last month, I received my Application Architect credential. I plan to summit the System Architect side of the pyramid by studying for the Integration Designer and Deployment and Lifecycle Designer exams. I plan to pass those certifications in the next 3 months!

“Also my longer term goal is to achieve System Architect by the end of 2018 and prepare for the board in 2019.”

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