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CTA Review Board Blog Library

There are a few of us (including Charly and myself) who are actively working towards the Review Board exam. This is so much bigger than just knowing stuff; you’ve got the additional challenge of managing both your prep time and your presentation time.

This is a working blog post that collates great tips and advice for anyone who is preparing for the review board.

  1. Charly-Says: Mock Review Post-Mortem

  2. Jannis Bott: How I Became a Certified Technical Architect

  3. Andrew Hart: Guest Post: Andrew’s CTA Journey

  4. Doina Popa: Shattering Glass Ceilings and Inspiring More Women…

  5. Adam Menzies: My Experience in Front of the Review Board

  6. Bob Buzzard: Certified Salesforce Technical Architect

  7. Gemma Emmett: Journey to CTA: Starting Out

  8. Charly-Says: The Steps to Travel the #JourneyToCTA

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